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Inspired by generations of makers

Atelier Stōbben specializes in modern lighting and objects inspired by my Mennonite heritage and generations of self-sufficiency. I come from a long line of creators and makers, and consider myself a modern, queer Mennonite, one generation away from the colony. My background in experimental video art, modern dance, and my interest in green living and minimal design also influence my aesthetic. I create from long-lasting, raw materials, such as wood, metal and concrete.

I founded Atelier Stōbben in 2017 after a woodworking apprenticeship with my dad in Southern Alberta, where I came across some aspen stumps drying behind their house, and immediately thought they could be turned into lamps, and here I am!

I’ve always made things, as I was influenced by my parents who also make everything, from 5 of the houses we lived in, the wooden furniture in those houses, the clothes we wore, the quilts for our beds, to the canning and food we ate.

In 2016, I gave myself the challenge to move from consuming to producing as much as possible, to see how much I could make myself, with the intent of becoming as self-sufficient as possible, thereby also removing much of the mystery of where many of our products come from.

**For some background, "stobben" means "stump" in Low German, the language my dad spoke growing up in the Old Colony Mennonite colonies in Chihuahua, Mexico.


I love my copper lamp, and I've gotten more compliments on it than any other piece in my home
-- it's so unique! [re: Koppa lamp - Large copper-curve desk lamp]

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